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Our programs are based on traditional, Montessori methodology and achieve outstanding results in a multi-lingual tutorial environment.



With small classes, and excellent student-teacher ratios, the classroom begins to function like a large extended family.



Our teachers have extensive experience in language, early childhood, and Montessori education.

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Language Garden, LLC offers Montessori-based bilingual early childhood language tutorials in both English and Chinese.

In addition to language tutorial services, we offer pre-class and post-class services for parents who need to drop kids children off early or pick them up late. Our hours are 8:00am to 6:00pm. We also offer:

Enroll as soon as possible

We are a very small tutorial center and have very limited space.

Through our half-day full-immersion in these two languages, children between the ages of 2-1/2 and 6 are able to quickly and effectively begin to use both of these languages. Our native language tutors are all Montessori certified to ensure that each child's educational needs are met while working to impart functional language skills at the appropriate level.

      Large outdoor play area shaded by oak trees

      Wide range of Montessori materials

      Snacks in morning and afternoon

      Children's books in both Chinese & English

      Available lunch, prepared by Little Taipei

Invest in the future

Children do best with full-time language enrollment. However, part time is available.


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